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Can I play this on a Game Boy Color / Analogue Pocket?

Unfortunately no. The game takes aesthetic inspiration from that era but it is a PC game. It can only be played in Windows, Linux, or macOS (or soon, Nintendo Switch)


Hi! Any chance you might offer an + steam key? combo for a special price?


You did a great job of emulating a Gameboy Color and the graphics look great. I'd like to see a demo available to test it out before purchase


Hi, thanks for your comment! Creating and maintaining a demo edition of the game was just too much extra effort for this project. However you could try out the Game Jam edition of the game, to get a sample of the experience, knowing that the final product has many changes and improvements over that:

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Oh cool! That sounds like a perfect demo. Is there a Mac version?


Ahh unfortunately there is not. The full game supports Mac but not the game jam edition. If you want to see more of the game before buying there are playthroughs you can find on YouTube or

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a very fun and charming game! quite challenging too, at least for me haha

there are some really neat details here which i didn't expect, like the robust controller support and key remapping. what a surprise to have a switch pro work without any hassle! i'd love to see remapping for the directions too, but what's there is already fantastic 

another nice touch is how chico starts sliding off platforms if he's too near the edge. just adds a bit of tension.

by the way, i got this softlock on the octopus boss. i ran at it while it was trying to knock me back and got another hit in, killing it while it was trying to attack. 

on the same level, i found that i could sometimes walk between these two upright pillars. (chico turned invisible in this pic, but he's there!) that's a super minor issue, though.

i've had a great time with the game so far!! excited to see the rest of it c:


Hi! I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I'm really sorry about those issues, thank you for the detailed report. I'll file them into my ticket tracker and aim to fix them in a future update. 

Hope you have fun with the rest of the game 😊

i did have fun with it!! just finished the post-game campaign and got all the achievements c: (except for uncrackable! i tried beating the final boss with tough nut but that didn't do it -- am i supposed to beat all levels with tough nut again? if so, is there any way to check what difficulty i beat a level on, or does it have to be from a fresh save?)


It does have to be a fresh save from title screen where you never changed the difficulty off of Tough Nut to get that specific accomplishment.

But I'm glad you had fun ☺️


This game's so much fun! My only complaint is that it's short, but I feel like that's a great complaint to have--please make more! I'd love to see this concept evolve.


Thank you so much! A free update expanding the game is in the works, and I'll be making more games in the future so stay tuned

Looks cute!

This looks cool, like the two GBA Zelda games Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Time. 

the game looks amazing but i can't buy it :(

You need a Paypal account unfortunately.

Yo. it's a blank screen when I load the game. What's up, doc?

Sorry about that! What platform are you running it on?




Thank you very much ☺️