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This page contains downloads for all of Daikon Games' libraries and assets for use in the GameMaker game engine.

Please note: All Daikon libraries' minimum GameMaker version is Studio 2.3. If you are using any GameMaker whose version looks like 202x.y.z you are in the clear.

gm-stream provides a series of fluent APIs that can aid in performing powerful logic on data structures. gm-stream is heavily based on the concept of Streams from the Java programming language, although it has been adapted to suit GameMaker Language.

For full information and documentation visit gm-stream on GitHub

Polyglot is a library for loading localized strings easily and efficiently. It supports string interpolation, automatic pluralization, and nested lookups!

For full information and documentation, visit polyglot on GitHub

rt-shell is an easy-to-use, customizable, and extensible cheat/debug console. Whether you want it for debugging purposes, letting your players enter cheats, or both, rt-shell gives you the flexibility you'll need!

For full information and documentation visit rt-shell on GitHub

Seedpod is Daikon Games' collection of the APIs we think GML is missing. Every game Daikon creates includes these functions as our first step.

For full information and documentation visit Seedpod on GitHub

Atomix is a system for reusing code between unrelated objects using components called "Atoms". This is a new and semi-experimental library, so the boundaries are still being explored.

For full information and documentation visit Atomix on GitHub

Updated 9 days ago
AuthorDaikon Games
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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gm-stream 1.1.2 3 kB
polyglot 2.2.1 6 kB
rt-shell 4.1.1 77 kB
Seedpod for GameMaker 2.0.1 7 kB
Atomix 0.1.0 7 kB

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I've only been using rt-shell, but it's been one of the most reliable tools for debugging in my games, thank you!


My pleasure! Feel free to check out the other libraries if or when they become relevant, and don't hesitate to hit me up for help/support